Another milestone for Stingray.

Aqua Sur 2014 in Chile was a very positive experience and is important for Stingray to be established as an international company. Stingray will go ahead with selected partners in order to adjust the product and algorithms for a substantial market.

Successful launch for Stingray.

Stingray Optical Delousing was launched in Bergen (Norway) 14. October 2014. Products are now available for the salmon farming industry.

Delivery to Sulefisk

In mid September 4 complete Stingray systems were delivered to Sulefisk (part of Salmon Group network).


0 (zero) handling

of fish as Optical Delousing take place inside the pen. No stress or pumping. Better fish welfare and reduced risk of escapes. 

0 (zero) starvation

prior to, during or after delousing. No need to interrupt a treatment. 

0 (zero) wounds

reported when using laser for delousing. No mortality or other loss of fish.

24/7 continuous

use of laser as a method for delousing secure lower lice numbers. The result is less sea lice pressure both internally on each location and in sea between locations.