No Handling

Delousing takes place in the pen, where the fish can swim freely without any stress or crowding. This leads to better fish health and reduced risk of escape.

No Starvation

The fish is not starved before, during or after delousing, nor is there any need to interrupt delousing during bad weather, as the laser is operational regardless of the weather, temperature and season.

No Injuries

No injuries have been reported in connection with laser delousing. There have been no reports of fish death or other loss of fish.

Operational 24/7

24/7 delousing and lice control that leads to lower lice numbers and reduces risk of infection within the fish farm, for other farms and wild fish.

Increased Profits

Healthier and larger fish lead to increased profits and expenses saved on alternate delousing methods. Low operating costs and predictable total costs with a minimum 4-year service agreement.

Improved HSE

The laser method is automatic and leads to less strain on staff and improved HSE. Stingray’s laser contributes to a lower environmental footprint and improved safety.