The Stingray software system is the only of its kind and a pioneer in robotisation and automatisasion of lice removal in the aquaculture industry.

Optical Delousing™

By using stereo camera vision, advanced software and targeted laser, lice removal is fully automated around the clock, seven days a week throughout the year, without any handling of the fish. The stereo camera and proprietary software detects lice as the salmon swims in the pen. A guided laser pulse of up to 150 milliseconds "pulses" directly at each individual louse. The louse is hit with a fatal result, and coagulates within milliseconds. Due to the mirror-like skin of the fish, the salmon itself is not harmed. The skin reflects the light, while the louse absorbs it. Laser treatment is therefore a very gentle lice treatment for the fish.

Why Optical Delousing?

Optical salmon delousing allows the fish to swim undisturbed in its natural habitat while being deloused. This means:

  • no handling
  • no starvation before delousing
  • no crowding
  • no chemicals
  • no damage to fish or environment
  • no fish death

The fish farmer avoids demanding and inexpedient operations, saves labour costs and manual operations, and gets fewer lost feeding days. 

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