Maintenance and Periodic Controls

Regular maintenance and periodic controls are essential to enable the farmer to get the most out of the Stingray node. This is part of the service agreement and is carried out by the Stingray Service Team at the customer’s site 2–4 times a year, or as required. To improve control and follow-up from both sides, Stingray delivers a concise service report after each service/service inspection. 

To ensure optimal operation of the Stingray system, the camera and laser window must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning is carried out by the customer (with a high-pressure hose) according to Stingray’s recommendations for maintenance and handling of the equipment. This will naturally vary throughout the year, but you should expect to clean it every 2–3 weeks from April/May and until the end of October. During the rest of the year, cleaning once a month is normal, or as required. It is recommended to include cleaning in the operational plan for each site.

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