Operation and monitoring

The Stingray system is fully automatic. The node is cleaned regularly on site (every 2–3 weeks) by the fish farmer, and apart from this the installation is quite inconspicuous – it is only visible as a "manhole cover" on the water surface.

Stingray monitors all installations from the control centre at its Oslo headquarters. Any technical issues with the system are handled by Stingray. We are ready to help with any user support enquiry.

If you need assistance, contact Stingray at vakt@stingray.no or phone + 47 40 24 14 55, and you will get the help you need.

Stingray’s warranty programme assures the customer a predictable and simple system. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects, wear and service parts, given normal use and follow-up from the service programme. Stingray guarantees that the node and software has a lifespan of at least four years. After that, a new service agreement can be made for one year at a time, if it is upgraded to the revised standard.