A New Detector Generation is Launched

Since this summer Stingray has worked on the configuration of a new detector. This has been tested in October/November and has shown quite convincing results already in the first weeks. The new detector platform will enable us to launch regular and updated versions of the detector that are far more powerful than the previous versions. This technological development is a further boost for Stingray, allowing for a launch of biomass measurement and lice counting already in 2017. (December 2016)

Laser Delousing in Winter

We are headed towards the fourth winter (2016/2017) in which laser is used for delousing and our fish farmers see that the laser provides an added value in winter. If you avoid handling through the winter this will have and impact on fish health and winter sores. Fish farmers that use laser delousing have not reported a single case of sores on the fish, leading to a zero mortality rate when using our method. The fish farmers have also avoided delousing in the spring due to very low lice numbers over time. (November 2016)

Stingray Expands Further

Throughout the summer and autumn the company has built up and expanded its production and assembly line to meet the growing demand from the aquaculture industry. An increasing number of salmon farmers now choose laser for lice control and continuous delousing. You avoid handling the fish, and the system is fully automatic and operational 24/7. This makes Stingray and attractive weapon in combatting salmon lice. By using laser you avoid loss of biomass and there is no fish death or injury related to delousing. Improved fish health is a direct result of our innovative method. (September 2016)

Green Light for Nova Sea

We are proud to announce that Nova Sea has recently chosen to equip one of its sites with Stingray lasers. Starting in August, green lights can be seen in the pens off the coast of Helgeland, providing the fish farmer with even better lice control. Monitoring, delousing and reporting are integrated in the system we deliver to our customers. We welcome another confident and conscious fish farming company into the Stingray family. (July 2016)

New Knowledge for Fish Farmers

The user portal Stingray Online is now launched in a powerfully upgraded 2.0 version. Our customers can log on quickly and securely to access reports, news, communication and results. Lice numbers can also be added for immediate analysis and laser pulse tuning. This provides knowledge and information about each site and single pens that are not accessible otherwise. Contact Stingray for more information! (June 2016)