Optical delousing – a gentle method

Optical delousing takes place while the salmon is swimming in its natural habitat, and there is no need to crowd together or move the fish.

  • no handling
  • no starvation before delousing
  • no crowding
  • no chemicals
  • no harm to fish or environment
  • no fish death

The fish farmer avoids demanding and inexpedient operations, saves labour costs and manual operations, and gets fewer lost feeding days. 

Optical Delousing

The animation illustrates how you install and operate a Stingray node in the pen. 

Once the device is placed in the pen, it is simply attached to its own cable, which is fastened in advance. The buoy is moved across the pen along the cable (horizontal positioning). It has a built-in winch that lowers the node to the desired depth (vertical positioning). Thrusters can rotate the unit around its own axis and enable an optimal heading of each node in relation to local swimming patterns.

Handling and Docking of the Stingray

Handling and operation of the Stingray is designed to take place in the pen – with no risk to either crew or equipment.

The unit can be cleaned with a high-pressure hose every 2–3 weeks in the summer months and less frequently during the rest of the year. 


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