Our History

Stingray Marine Solutions AS is based on entrepreneur Esben Beck’s patented idea in 2010 for salmon louse removal using camera vision and laser. It all started with Esben Beck and a lathe in his basement in 1999. After more than 10 years of deliveries to oil, gas and offshore companies, he decided to invest in his own products. He decided to found and develop his own salmon louse project, where design, production, software development, testing and installation were carried out by using in-house resources.

Stingray’s Background and Development

2010   Beck Engineering and entrepreneur Esben Beck presents and patents the idea for salmon louse removal using camera vision and laser.
2012  Stingray Marine Solutions AS is founded as a subsidiary of Beck Engineering and starts delivering industrial laser technology in integrated solutions for the aquaculture industry. Beck Engineering and the "Optical Delousing” project are granted the 2013 Innovation award at Aqua Nor. The company won DNB’s Innovation award in the Oslo region as no 2 of over 700 Norwegian competitors. Stingray was also nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by Innovation Norway.
2014    The first commercial lasers are sold to Sulefisk in autumn 2014. Stingray is launched commercially on 14.10.2014.
2015    Stingray quickly expands and has produced 48 operative lasers by the end of 2015.
2016    Stingray is reorganised and its production capacity greatly increased by quadrupling its office and production facilities at Kalbakken in Oslo. The customer portal Stingray Online allows quick access to reports and relevant information from the pens. In 2016/2017 Stingray has 24 permanent employees.